Dec 3, 2011

Lawrence & Leigh Announce Electric Show


    If you’ve seen a Lawrence & Leigh show, you know that they tend to stick to an acoustic guitar, tambourine, and on occasion a piano, with heir perfectly laced harmonies soaring over an intimate and hushed setting. But on December 17th, a new side of Lawrence & Leigh will be presented: Electric.

    With the use of loop pedals, keyboards, electric guitars, and a laptop—Lawrence & Leigh will transform their acoustic, two person sound into fully fleshed out, larger than life arrangements that will sure to have you buzzing. Based off of the “epic” sound of their latest release, “Odyssey VOL: III, Hills and Masts”, the duo plan to re-imagine most of the album’s multi layered songs into exciting new forms for a live audience. “We love the idea of bringing the huge sound of our EP to our fans, LIVE, while still keeping it just the two of us. We also wanted to bridge the gap between the sound on our album and our current show, which is all acoustic. We feel that the album really has a ‘Wow’ factor, and we want that to carry over into our live set.”

The duo will be premiering their new electric set at the quaint “Pete’s Candy Store” in Brooklyn, December 17th at 10pm. Along with their new sound, the two piece will also be showcasing a few of their new tracks from the next up coming EP’s  "Odyssey VOL:I and II.“

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