"One thing they're not is a typical folk duo. Whatever magic these two share together as singer-songwriters is matched equally by an intense interest in studio trickery. Complimenting their soaring harmonies with collage effects bordering on musique concrete, Lawrence and Leigh's sound is brimming with ideas that keep obvious categorizations at bay. The music of Andrew Kalleen and Kristin Stokes seems to reinvent itself after every listen, so be prepared to spend some time with these tracks as they move from bare acoustic arrangements to electronic 4-on-floor grooves and back again in epic and rewarding proportions."
     -The Deli Magazine ( 3/10/11)

“Extensive, fresh and full of depth both musically and lyrically, Lawrence and Leigh’s crafting has most
definitely brought about a unique edge to the new music scene.” 
     -Sound Sense Online  (3/10/11)

"There isn't a moment on Hills and Masts that isn't engaging...The record's hypnotic effect carries you through Stokes's operatic indulgences, visceral bluesy wails and '60s doo-wop backing vocals. These elements add nostalgic magic to the record's fuzz-saturated ambience ― embellished with echo-y effects, distorted clanging and street buzz recordings ― dropping you into an ethereal dream that weaves through generations of sounds.”
     -Exclaim! Magazine  (3/8/11)

“The music video for Lawrence and Leigh’s track “Glow” has to be seen to be believed...more than just a music video; this is a short film worthy of awards.”
     -Blogcritics  (6/24/11)

“The Brooklyn songwriting duo takes chamber folk to expansive new heights...a sound which melds the pop smarts of Elliott Smith and Over The Rhine’s Karen Bergquist with melodies that twist and turn, taking you on an aural journey.”
"Lawrence & Leigh have succeeded in their mission to create expansive, unique music."
     -FensePost  (2/23/11)

"Nothing can really take away from Kristin and Andrew’s ability to create songs that demand every ounce of your attention once locked in...Lawrence & Leigh obviously have the power to do absolutely anything!”
     -FensePost  (6/7/11)

"What is difficult to classify, and articulate for that matter, is their ability to create such a powerful presence for a two-piece."
     -Static Multimedia  (2/8/11)

"Coming across like a blend of Dirty ProjectorsJoanna Newsom, and the haunting richness of Fleet Foxes, the duo offer up dense harmonies and elaborate song structures with a melancholy yet occasionally optimistic tone."
     -The Mad Mackerel  (1/3/11)

“[Glow] is another example of their consistently beautiful song craft—a sepia tinged snapshot of multilayered instrumentation and free-spirited harmonies. Wonderful...The accompanying video is also well worth a viewing—it is a work of stunning visual art that brilliantly complements the shifting moods of the song.”
     -The Mad Mackerel  (5/31/11)
MAGNET is proud to premiere the video for Vol. III standout ‘Chelsea Nights.’
     -Magnet Magazine (1/12/11)

“There’s a certain woozy glow to this record, made likely to entice searchers, seekers, and inbetweeners.”
     -Parasites and Sycophants  (4/25/11)

“Oddly entertaining and beautiful.”
     -Everything but Urban  (5/2/11)

I have a feeling the talent that’s apparent in their first major release will remain.  I’m excited to see what’s coming.”
     -Reviews and the Rest  (1/27/11)

“With only an acoustic guitar and piercing vocals, their songs had the normally chatty bar crowd on their seats, unable to look away.”
     -PopWreck(oning)  (5/30/11)

“I honestly simply cannot compare them to anyone, what they have going on stands out from the crowd and it is truly amazing.”
   -Honey in the Sun  (7/26/11)

“The trip-hoppy-1940s-magic they pulled set off Stokes’ vocals and Kalleen’s intricate compositions, proving the pair hypnotizing. I look forward to seeing them continue to kick ass, and you should, too.”
     -The Steam Co.  (4/14/11)

Hills and Masts is an emotional roller coaster of strings, fixed piano, and dual overlaid vocals...'Chelsea Nights' renders cathedral ceiling echos and virtuoso instrumentals with a heavy suspenseful build up, leaking a thick cacophony of sound.”
     -Broken Heart Boy  (3/7/11)